Djwhal Khul's World Service Broadcast is a collective effort done by a large group of incarnate and transcended beings on the inner planes, and by you on the physical plane. The intention is to raise the vibratory rate for all sentient beings and the earth.

Each week starting on Tuesday, we send forth a collective effort in unison. You receive an email with the written intention, and an audio link to listen to and follow along with a channeled description. You also get a downloadable audio to save and continue to use for as long as you like. We also have a private Facebook group for those who wish to share in that forum.

The collective effort is coordinated with current heavenly events and the effects upon humanity, the animal and plant kingdoms, the angelic forces and mother earth.

In addition to this program, or as an alternative to this program, you can participate in a long-distance broadcast where you receive energies on Fridays that synchronize with these efforts. This information is shown below.

Billing cycle:

  • Start anytime!
  • If you sign up on a Tuesday, you will receive your first collective intention one week later.
  • Billing will recur automatically every 30 days unless we hear from you at
  • Please give us 5 to 10 days before your recurring billing date if you want to discontinue or suspend service.
  • We have a no refunds, no exchanges policy.

$45 per month on
recurring billingMore about recurring billing Jump in or out anytime. Please advise us via email at Customer Service 5 to 10 days before your recurring process date if you want to discontinue. We have a no refunds, no exchanges policy. If you sign up at the introductory rate and discontinue the program, you can always sign back up at the regular price. Full month paid is for 30 days. Billing will recur automatically every 30 days.

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Optional stand-alone or in-addition to the above program is provided by Life Vessel Santa Barbara. It is a long-distance broadcast with the same intention, sent to you on Fridays. You receive an email with an enlightened expansion of DK’s weekly focus and the frequencies are broadcast to you. It is easy and effortless. Terri Newlon receives this broadcast and finds it invaluable. She also travels to Life Vessel and Energy Genesis locations to experience the technologies in person. To participate in this weekly broadcast, the cost is only $60 per quarter.

For more information, contact:

Stephanie Badasci
719 Circle Drive
Santa Barbara, CA 93108

(805) 452-9125