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12/1/17 "2018 ~ 1st Quarter Forecast by DK"
More Info2018 ~ 1st Quarter Forecast by DK Downloadable MP3. $15. Channeled through Rev. Terri Newlon.

Content Notes:

New Year's eve prep for Full Moon and Uranus Direct; Blue and Super Moon at the end of January with eclipse; Metaphysical and Angelic viewing readily available; Various influences of Venus, Mars, Mercury and others; Chinese New Year of Earth Dog with eclipse; Jupiter and Mercury retrogrades, get finances done early; Tibetan New Year called Losar with new moon in psy Pi; Spring Equinox and Full Moon of the Christ.
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11/21/17 "Heightened Psychic Powers"
More InfoHeightened Psychic Powers Downloadable MP3. $15. Channeled through Rev. Terri Newlon.

Content Notes:

Cohesive support system within spiritual family; Moon affecting sleep write down notes before bed; Telescope in and out of classic 3rd eye, lens cap as needed; Bridging to friend for support, connecting to crystalline hub; Egg shape protecting aura, matte black or shiny outside; Selective receiving, only light, love and good things, direct it; Filtering and discerning, how to tell prankster vs real; Gold Christed Light saturated and billowing; Neptune direct clear connection at middle of forehead; Operate from Source not from belief system or thought form; 'Spiritual family I call upon you for balance'; Additional callings: love, protection, safety, understanding; 'From my spiritual family of light and love I receive a wealth of power'.
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11/13/17 "Build Me Up!"
More InfoBuild Me Up! Downloadable MP3. $15. Channeled through Rev. Terri Newlon.

Content Notes:

Strong personal core to planetary core connection; Interconnectedness with Creation, Pillars and 3*1; Funnel reaching out of head receiving knowledge, power; Let go of specifics and surrender to wisdom of Universe; Most prevalent is lack of worth or self love, how to remedy; Universe send balance of whatever is at the core for me; Refuse the tests or negatives, choose positive outcomes; Divine Right, I choose to know who I really am!; I receive statements (unlimited choices): Positive energy, strength, love, power, will, divine design, wealth, health, balance, money, positive outcomes.
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10/19/17 "Staying in High Gear"
More InfoStaying in High Gear Downloadable MP3. $15. Channeled on 10/19/17 through Rev. Terri Newlon.

Content Notes:

Violet flame and purple color

Tap to dispel stuck energy, boost immune system

Match cosmic acceleration, match healing acceleration

Welcome high gear, here, now, value of neutral

Earth energy coming up to sustain you

Chakras tuned up for higher power:

1st - purple, various shades

2nd - pink or magenta

3rd - yellow, marigold

4th - bright lime green

5th - bright happy orange or red

6th - white, full spectrum

7th - dark sapphire blue
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10/5/17 "Constructing Heaven"
More InfoConstructing Heaven Downloadable MP3. $15. Channeled on 10/5/17 through Rev. Terri Newlon.

Content Notes:

Bright pink = strong chi, zip chakras up 3 times, shake out hands; Nasa images of Pillars of Creation, HD and near-infrared; Make energy constantly, willfully direct cells and consciousness; Prayer power increased, star and ceiling gazing; Heaven is a state of consciousness not a place; Physical state is happy feeling in the moment; Emotional state is tricky now, be able to shift gears; Mental state is best practiced as a clean slate then what shows up; Spiritual state is exalted energy or nirvana; Afterlife in metaphysical terms is in-between lifetimes, service function; Some physical existence is a living hell, common escapes to heavenly states; Major skeletal points to trigger, pelvis, upper ribs in front, base of skull; Roll of the crown and third chakras, hypersensitivity, don't over stimulate; Heavenly stretch with palms toward sky grounds the energy into earth; Strengthen spleen, kidneys and adrenals, infuse water on personal basis; 'My life is heavenly right now' and instant command 'Heaven Within'.
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9/21/17 "Fall Equinox with Healing Moon"
More InfoFall Equinox with Healing Moon Downloadable MP3. $15. Channeled on 9/21/17 through Rev. Terri Newlon.

Content Notes:

Strength required now, instinctual survi;val; 'Bright pink, strong Qi !!!' mantra Balance of light and dark, spiritual references; Tea cup upside down at night, impermanence; Ceremonies, colors of fall, smells and nature; Personal and global brain balance, include other kingdoms; Digestive and blood cleansing, strengthen kidneys; 'What is right relationship with Aquarian Age?'; 'What am I feeding?' and 'I choose ________'; Tibetan clapping exercise to clear negative thinking.
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9/6/17 "2017 ~ 4th Quarter Forecast by DK"
More Info2017 ~ 4th Quarter Forecast by DK Downloadable MP3. $15. Channeled on 9/6/17 through Rev. Terri Newlon.

Content Notes:

Nearly day by day energies with specific advice; Theme for light workers is building strength and endurance; Preparing for spiritual warrior mode and psychic skills; Mercury retrograde, Neptune and Chiron Direct; Holiday specifics with relationships and health.
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8/16/17 "Invocations to Dispel Glamour"
More InfoInvocations to Dispel Glamour Downloadable MP3. $15. Channeled on 8/16/17 through Rev. Terri Newlon.

Content Notes:

White with golden light inside body, solar plexus pale yellow; Moon in Gemini benefits are full spectrum and balance; Praise, feedback, glamour in varying degrees, commonplace; Cell phones, shoes, other competitive and jealous focuses; Releasing glamour within and on timeline past, present, future; Reverting back to practical and personally appealing, humble; Dismissing the dangling carrot syndrome and Being True; Monad centered in 3rd eye radiating indigo light; Use zoom in and zoom out to remain neutral, unattached; World Leaders and other power, wealth aspects; Personal and global clearing using bubble outside of self; 'Dispel all glamour, jealousy, comparison and hatred'; 'Monadic presence rule my world' 'I choose being'.
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