Welcome to the practical channeled teachings of Ascended Master Djwhal Khul. Here, you will find compassionate teachings with practical techniques to assist you in your personal growth, spiritual development and psychic awakening. They are fun, practical and affordable.

We have ongoing Tele-Courses with Djwhal Khul conveniently offered as a live call if you can make it, with telephone and mp3 recordings and a transcript. You can add the option of a CD in the mail.

Those who love this information are dedicated to self-improvement through spiritual growth. 

Our Long Distance Broadcast for Spiritual Enlightenment and World Servers custom designed by DK is economically priced, extremely popular, and requires no action other than signing up. 

The 12 Ray Attunements brought through in 2005 continue to be very popular.  Our Audio and Written Downloads are the archives of several years of teachings, and are budget priced spiritual wisdom.

Our goal is to deliver ongoing progressive Esoteric and Spiritual Training that supports you living in a state of Mastery.